Sleep Deprived EEGs

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14th November 2019

Sleep Deprived EEG Guidelines

Children up to 18 months:

Child should be woken 1-2 hrs earlier than normal and keep awake until the study (especially during the car trip), try and book the appointment during a sleep time. Bring what your child normally needs for a sleep- a bottle, dummy, favourite blanket etc

Children 18 months to 3 years:

Lose 3 hours sleep and book around the time of a morning sleep.

Children 4-12 years:

Lose half of their regular sleep, for an 8am or 9am apt.  Put the child to bed 1-2hrs later than usual and get them up no later than 3am.  Alternatively a 1pm appointment can be booked, the child will need to go to bed 1 hour later and get up at 4am and stay awake.  No caffeine or sugary lolllies etc as sleep needs to be captured.

Read this great preparing your child for an EEG article written by our Neurophysiology Technician, Lyn Morris.


Lose half of sleep getting up no later than 2-3am.  Appointments to be made at 8am or 9am.  No caffeine from midnight.  Do not drive to your appointment.  No video games (as this may provoke an event)

** For special needs children please arrange with reception to speak with our technician.

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