Management of Nerve Injuries- for GPs

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12th December 2019

Symptoms related to peripheral nerve injury are common in general practice. Dr Neil Simon has written a practical guide for GPs, published in Medical Republic, providing tips and tricks to use for diagnosis and management of nerve injuries. The article can be accessed through the link HERE.

More detailed discussions of investigation and management of nerve trauma can be found in Dr Simon’s article written for the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

The neurologists at Northern Beaches Neurology can assist you with advice on management of your patients with nerve injury and nerve conduction studies and nerve ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.


Figure: Flow chart detailing a suggested diagnostic and decision-making process in patients with nerve trauma. EMG, electromyography; DTT, diffusion tensor tractography. (From Simon et al. JNNP, 2016)

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