Coronavirus Update at Northern Beaches Neurology as of the 10th September 2020

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Northern Beaches Neurology is being proactive in implementing strategies to reduce the impact of the emerging coronavirus situation on the operation of our clinic. 

Until further notice, patients with any cold or flu symptoms will not be seen in the clinic, irrespective of whether there has been any recent travel or exposure to someone diagnosed with coronavirus. If you have cold and flu symptoms please do not attend your appointment at the clinic.

If you have recently visited a Coronavirus hot spot (defined by NSW Health) then we ask that you please reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks after the last day of your exposure.

Give us a call on 9982 2270 and we will arrange for a Telehealth or telephone consultation to occur at the time of the original booking. 

We are also asking that ONLY PATIENTS (and carers where appropriate) attend clinic appointments. By limiting the number of people in our waiting rooms and consult rooms we are better equipped to maintain the social distancing rules.

We also ask that all patients wear a mask when attending their appointment.

The reason for the above policies is that healthcare workers who develop cold or flu symptoms are obliged to not come to work and await testing for coronavirus, even if coronavirus is not the cause. This process may take several days and will have a big impact on our ability to operate the clinic. By enacting the above policy we are trying to minimise the likelihood of one of our doctors, technicians or support staff becoming unwell and hence reduce the likelihood of disruption to our ability to look after our patients. This will also reduce the likelihood of any illness being passed on to other patients attending the clinic. 

All our clinic waiting rooms, testing areas and consult rooms are cleaned after each patient and hourly.

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